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How to use our online platform and how we make it possible for your GP to manage your long-term conditions from home.

Using our platform allows GP practices to:

reduce the amount of time you have to wait for an appointment.

provide you with easier access to clinicians when you need it.

give you a clear management plan much quicker.

We’re trusted by the NHS and chosen by your GP to provide the technology and resources that help them manage your long-term condition from home.

A little more about Suvera

We’re a healthcare technology company.

Everyone on our team is DBS checked. 

We’re partnered with over 130 GP practices across the UK.

We’re CQC registered, so we’re monitored by the same regulator that monitors your GP practice and local hospital.

We help GPs around the country look after over 80,000 patients.

We care about your data.
It’s encrypted and will never be shared with anyone but your GP practice.

Our aim is to give you the confidence and tools to manage your care remotely, make it easier to talk to a clinician and make sure you have the best patient experience possible.

Once your GP has given you access to our patient portal, you can easily share and submit information about your condition, like blood pressure readings.

Don't worry, any information you share is secure and stays confidential.

How to use our patient portal

We've made our platform as easy as possible to use.

Once your GP has sent you a text message, follow the link to get to the patient portal. Use your date of birth and full name to login and get started. You don't need to create an account or have a password to begin.

Once you’ve signed in, you’ll be taken straight to the homepage.

On the homepage, you’ll see a section called ‘Your tasks’ which lists out all the information your clinician needs before an appointment.
This usually includes information like blood pressure readings or general health information.

Click on the blue ‘start’ button to begin.

Blood pressure readings are sets of three individual readings done one after another. To get the most accurate readings, you should leave around one minute between each blood pressure reading.

If you can see a number of sets in red, this means how many times you need to submit a set of three blood pressure readings.

If you need to fill in lifestyle information, you’ll be taken to a screen that will tell you what you'll be asked and how long it will take to fill in the questionnaire. If you don't think you have enough time, we'd suggest coming back later because you can't save your answers. 

To skip a question, just press next to move to the next question quickly and easily.

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